Year of the Arts Fundraiser Invite

As Biola’s Year of the Arts moved into it’s second semester, I was given the task of creating an invite that would stop people in their tracks (and invite them to a great dinner). And I had one week to do it. Roberta Ahmanson was bringing the famed painter Mako Fujimura to be the main host for the dinner. So I decided to take a cue from his paintings.

I worked with a printer, Maskell Graphics to create this invite. They did an incredible job with this project and the tight turn around. I was amazed. Because of the thickness of the paper I wanted (120#) they had to created the invite a tad differently. They took two 60lb sheets of paper and foil stamped them with the artwork, then they glued them together and cut them down. It was so seamless and beautiful. Thanks Frank!

Creative/Art Direction: Jess Kemp
Printing: Maskell Graphics

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