We got married.

On June 7th, 2009 my husband, Tyler, and I tied the knot. It was a great event that was captured beautifully by Adam Sjoberg of Loose Luggage. There were quite a few details to the day, and I’ve just got around to documenting most of them. Weddings have been on my mind a lot lately. Perhaps because it seems everyone whose been dating for over two years is getting married THIS spring. I’ve been working on a few invite packages for some of these upcoming marriages, and I’m super excited about all of them. So to pave the way into other upcoming nuptial themed projects, I thought I’d post the invites for my wedding, as well as a few other details from the day.

Let’s start with the invite. I knew our wedding would be different than most. Tyler and I are pretty laid back people, and what we wanted to do most on that day was just get married. Second priority? Hang out with the people we love. The wedding would be a casual, yet thoughtful affair – so I wanted the invites to reflect the mood and get people excited for the day.

One of the main symbols I used throughout the wedding materials was a seal depicting two people holding hands. It wasn’t until about a year after I was married that I found out it’s a symbol of engagement or companionship that was found carved into walls back before the dark ages.

The seal comes from a ring I was given as a birthday gift one of my nearest and dearest friends, Laurel Dailey. There’s quite a story behind the ring and how I got it (involves rifles, men in large trucks, a flat tire, grits & a lonely photog stranded out in the middle of a gun range with only an open shutter and a old issue of GQ) but that’s for another time. The ring became the main symbol for the day, and whenever I see that ring on my finger I think of everything that was my life up until that day. It holds some pretty great memories.

I was at such an advantage to plan this wedding. Not only am I (obviously) a designer, but I’m also surrounded by very talented people. My roommates, turned bridesmaids, were of great help to me. Jody Dailey designed all of my bridesmaid dresses from scratch. I really wanted the dresses to be affordable but unique to each girl. So we chose to make the dresses out of different types of jersey. Each ‘maid was fashioned after a different type of bird (loosely). The theme for the wedding, as depicted above, was “love. doves, and all that falls on you from above.” It was a saying that Tyler would tack on to the end of emails or phone calls when we first started dating. So it only seemed fitting to center the wedding around this phrase.

In addition to the dresses, I created necklaces for each girl to wear. They were all based off of sketches that I found in one of Tyler’s sketch books. You can see how they started out, and how they ended up. These are the sketches of the two necklaces I created for my two maids of honor (ones more of a harness), and then photos of how they ended up looking on the day of the wedding.

Here’s a few more of the final necklaces.

This is the back of Laurel’s necklace.

This is the necklace I wore.

I also used cutouts of Tyler’s design on my wedding dress.

About a year later, I made a book as a birthday gift for Tyler. We eventually gave them to our parents and grandparents too.



Lead design – Jess Kemp
Photography – Adam Sjoberg
Bridesmaid Dress Design – Jody Dailey
Wedding Dress Design – My Aunt Evie and I

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