Howen – McBride Wedding Invites & Engagement Website

Back in May of 2012, Two of my nearest and dearest took the plunge into wedded adventure. I’ve posted about the Save the Dates and Initial Website. And now I’ve got the full web images as well as the letter-pressed invites to show. As wedding season ramps up again (I thought it was over!!!!) I still look back on these invites as my favorites.


Biola Magazine Soul & Stomach ’12

The most recent Biola Magazine, was also my very last project at Biola University. I worked on the project up until the final week of my employment at the university. It was a issue that I was really excited about. I worked with Laurel Dailey as photographer to bring our ideas to life. Jeffrey and John managed to put together this stellar cover, with typography created by hand (John‘s hand).

I made the ratatouille we used for the shoot, and had it for dinner that night as well! It still stands as such a great memory of my last few days at Biola.

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