Janessa Leone Hats

Happy Friday. The weather is always a surprise this time of year in California, and a good hat can really come in handy. I met Janessa about a year ago when I went to see her boyfriends band play. Since then, we’ve worked together to launch her brand. I’m really proud to have been a part of this process, and seeing her vision come alive.

My first order of business was to refine her existing brand and create some correspondence and collateral pieces for her. She needed notecards, letterhead and business cards that could also double as tuck-able hang tags. Then I moved on to designing her look book and line-guides.

These cards were letter-pressed on both sides.

After the print pieces were complete, it was time to go live with the website.

The site is live now! Janessaleone.com

Art Direction, Design : Jess Kemp
Lifestyle photography shot: The Brothers Wright.
Product photography shot: Laurel Dailey Photography.
Programming, Back-end : Romas Mazeika


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